Attics to Basement Estate Sales Attics to Basement Estate Sales Attics to Basement Estate Sales

Our Services



Before a sale, I bring in an experienced team to organize, and clean every item in the sale. We will create a beautiful, comprehensive display of all items to be sold. If, during our staging process, we find items that appear to be sentimental or potentially valuable that were not previously mentioned, we will consult with you and get your permission before the sale to sell those items. All available tables, shelves and storage areas will be utilized and additional tables and display cases will be provided.


Attics to Basement Estate SalesWe will appraise all sale items and prices will be marked with materials that we provide. For items of potential value that are not within our area of expertise, we may choose to engage an outside appraiser at our expense. Our client’s input regarding the value of specific items is always considered.


We will advertise on our website via our large database of names and emails of people who have signed up to be on our email list. Descriptions and photos are included on the website. We will also advertise on Estate Sale Websites pertinent to the area in which the sale will be held.

We conduct professional, proper, authentic estate sales! Nothing added to the estate, nothing taken to another location! We’ll determine “trash or treasure” together!

Our services include:

  • Cleaning and pricing of all items
  • Sorting and researching all items
  • Design and layout of each property

Attics to Basement Professional Estate Sales

​What we supply:

  • All staffing
  • Tables, display cases and price tags
  • All forms of advertising
  • Boxes, bags and wrapping paper
  • Buyer email list

Other important tidbits:

  • Bonded for everyone’s security
  • References upon requestAttics to Basement Professional Estate Sales
  • I pay referral fees for estate sales!
  • We are a GREEN minded company


  • Two-four day conducted sales
  • Three & four day sales conducted for larger estates
  • Organizing & displaying household contents for sale
  • Providing display tables & locking cases for valuables
  • Researching, inspecting & evaluating each item in the estate for sale
  • Pricing items
  • Staffing the sale with qualified sales professionals
  • Carefully limiting the number of customers in the home at any given time
  • Using a silent bid system to encourage the sale of higher priced or slow moving items
  • Providing bags & wrapping paper for purchases
  • No cash upfront. Commission comes out of proceeds

Honesty, Integrity, Flexibility, and Creative Problem Solving

Our reputation for honesty, integrity, flexibility, and creative problem solving is well known. My company policy is to show kindness, caring, and compassion for the families, along with respect for the property involved, and to make the liquidation of personal property as easy as possible for family members.

Experienced Full-Time Professionals

​Estate sales, on the other hand, are the sale of the entire contents of one’s home. Also, the sale is conducted within the client’s home. In many ways estate sales are representative of someone’s life; the personal lifelong possessions and collections of a family, parents and grandparents. They should be conducted by experienced full-time professionals contracted by the family or their executors. Specialized knowledge & experience are key in estate sales.


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Attics to Basement Estate Sales Attics to Basement Estate Sales Attics to Basement Estate Sales