1For most people, spring and summer are the times of the year most closely associated with yard sales and garage sales, mainly because of the warmer, sunnier weather, and also because those are the times of the year when people are more likely to perform a little “spring cleaning” of their attics, basements and garages to clear out their excess items. The weather also tends to be more pleasant (and more stable), and that means people are more likely to look for ways to be outdoors on a weekend, enjoying the sunny weather and maybe snapping up a few bargains in the process.
That’s great for buyers – but for sellers, the spring and summer can be pretty competitive when it comes to getting the most for your stuff. And from a seller’s perspective, hosting a sale during the winter months can be a really good way of getting the most interest, the most buyers, and the most cash for unwanted items.

During winter months there’s less competition, and that means buyers have fewer places to look for great deals. As a result, hosting a sale now means more people will attend your sale and items will sell faster and with less bargaining. Plus, during the winter, kids are in school, so you’re likely to have more interest if your sale includes a weekday like Friday in addition to one or more weekend days.

And there’s another benefit: Because they’re less common, winter sales have a psychological advantage over the more commonplace sales of spring and summer. Winter sales are “rarer,” and that means buyer enthusiasm and interest can be at an all-time peak, making sales more fun and exciting. After all, who doesn’t like a little bargain-shopping to break up the gray days and monotony of winter?
But what about the weather? Yes, outdoor venues benefit from the warmer, milder weather of spring and summer, but with an estate sale, you don’t have to worry about cold, damp weather turning buyers away from your sale. Instead, your buyers can shop indoors in comfort without worrying about the weather.

3Of course, hosting a successful winter estate sale doesn’t just “happen” – it takes planning and expertise to make sure your sale attracts the attention of as many people as possible, and then delivers on what it promises. And that’s where Attics to Basements Estate Sales comes in. As a leading estate sale company in the Greater Dallas area, we help sellers orchestrate their sales from start to finish, from determining which items to sell and for how much to advertising the sale so it gets plenty of exposure to setting up the sale and hosting it, we do it all. Plus, we can arrange for appraisals for antiques and other costly items, and we even clean up afterward. If you’re ready to capitalize on all those eager winter buyers, give us a call and let us help you host a great sale right now so you can relax and enjoy your spring and summer months, and maybe have a little extra cash for a few warm-weather splurges.