apr1Summer vacations are just around the corner, and if this year is anything like last year, Americans will spend about an average of $1,000 per person for a little R&R under the summer sun. Whether you plan to head to the water, the mountains, an amusement park or some other destination, travel costs can add up quickly, and no one wants to be left with a spending hangover once they get back home. Saving for vacation is a great idea, but lots of us have trouble enough paying the bills without carving out additional money for vacations. And even if we do have a little financial breathing room, we may have it earmarked for other costs we deem less “frivolous.”

apr2But guess what? Taking a vacation is important for relieving stress and reducing health risks caused by chronic stress and anxiety. Plus, they’re a great way to create lasting memories. That means you want to do all you can to get away – without breaking your budget in the process.

The good news is, estate sales can help you take that relaxing, fun-filled vacation by providing you with a mini windfall you can funnel right into a dedicated vacation savings account. Unless you have a lot of really valuable items to sell, you’re probably not going to bring in enough to fund an entire vacation for a family of four. But you can dedicate your profits to a specific aspect of your vacation – like the cost of your room, transportation or meals. Or, you can take your estate sale earnings and put it toward an extra fun “surprise” you might not otherwise have splurged on. Not only can earmarking your estate sale profits help you afford “more” vacation with less impact on your budget, but it’s also fun to consider your sale earnings as money for fun instead of money to go toward the day-to-day expenses of living. Plus, when you know you’re earning money for a treat, you’re more likely to work harder at decluttering your home and getting rid of the excess stuff you’ve accumulated. That means when you come home, it will be to a cleaner, more spacious, better organized and more relaxing place … and that can take the sting out of returning to work, school and the daily grind.

apr3To get the most “bang” from your sale – and the most cash for your vacation fund – let Attics to Basements organize and host your sale for you. We know all the tips and tricks to draw in customers and present and price your items so you get the best value. Plus, we keep the entire sale experience free of stress so you can focus on those vacation plans. Learn more about our services. Explore our site, then give us a call at 469-396-4696 today.