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Dallas Estate Sale Company

Estate Sale Company - The Attics to Basements Way

Welcome to Attics to Basements Estate Sales Company, one of the oldest, largest and most active estate sale companies in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. Our success is built on the trusted relationships we build with our clients and our business goals - to sell every item at its highest price and to empty the estate.

What exactly is an estate sale and is it worth it for you?

An estate sale involves the sale of the personal property of a household. Items are sold to the public with the goals of selling household contents in a short time and emptying the house by the end of the sale - and doing this at the highest prices possible. “Estate Sale” is a general term and most of the sales we conduct are for clients who are moving or downsizing.

How do we work?

Our estate sale process is simple and strives to save you time and alleviate stress. We work hard to make your estate sale a success, and we educate you throughout the process in order to set appropriate expectations and avoid surprises.

the best of the Dallas based estate sale companies
  • We start with gathering, sorting and staging all of the items in your home. Our staging is designed to present the items in a manner that is attractive to shoppers, effectively converting your home into a retail-type store. We bring in tables, clothing racks, display cases, cash register etc.
  • We price items strategically based on our experience, data from third party transactions, information gathered from our clients, appraisals and other factors. We have an open dialogue with our clients so that they understand and approve our pricing methodology.
  • A successful estate sale requires people to know about it, and we pursue a multi-channel approach to marketing your sale. We send a weekly email to our proprietary database of estate sale shoppers, all of whom have signed up to receive notice of our upcoming sales. Additionally, we advertise your sale on industry websites, utilize social media, and plant physical signs in the surrounding neighborhood, all of which is designed to reach distinct audiences. We take great pride in our ability to drive traffic to your sale.
  • We fully staff your sale with experienced employees (no contractors). We accept all major credit cards. We collect sales tax and remit it to the state of Texas. We wrap and bag/box items bought by customers. In all aspects of your sale we strive to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly.
  • After the estate sale ends we can help arrange for a charity pick-up and a clean-out of any remaining items. Our goal is to relieve your headaches and leave you with an empty home.

What do we expect our clients to do?

We focus on making everything easier for you during an estate sale - saving time and worry. However there are some things we will need you to do before, during and after the sale:

  • Identify all items you want to keep; this is one of the most important and sometimes most difficult tasks for homeowners as the combination of a (i) a large volume of items and (ii) sentimental attachments can often be overwhelming. Once that task is completed then we have a clear understanding of what we are selling.
  • Obtain a municipal permit (if necessary); many cities require a “garage sale permit” which is easy to obtain and free. We walk you through the process, and in many instances it can be obtained online in a few minutes.
  • Notify your Homeowners Association where appropriate.
  • Be available for questions; you do not need to be present, and in many cases it is easier for you if you are not, but as long as you can be available by phone then we can ask you questions as we identify them.
5 star estate sale company

Our references

Thanks to the successful estate sale projects we have had over our 20-year history we have built meaningful relationships with our clients. We take pride in our customer service and can provide references upon your request. You can also read testimonials on our site under this link.

How do we get started?

We would love to visit with you! Please reach out to us using the contact details here so we can understand your needs and provide you with the best options. If it appears that we are a good fit with your goals, then we will arrange a time to meet in person, walk through your house, and engage in a detailed discussion of our process. Get in touch with us!

When you feel the need to shop
Attics to Basements should be your first stop
How they do it, I don't know
Pricing things found hi and low
They treat you right
They treat you fair
No one has their nose in the air
So, as the year ends, you have to know
We'll be back next year, wherever they go !!!
Carol H.

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